Performing Arts

Take your performance group on an adventure. Whether you are a high school band, a dance troop, or any other performance group, we can send you on a great trip with great rates. Take advantage of the tours geared toward performance groups. You can choose from several destinations or maybe a cruise is the travel choice for you. Perform during your trip and show off your talent while enjoying yourself on a customized vacation.

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nyc broadway

If you are looking for a trip for a performance group you may be interested in one of the following:

New York City-Lights, Camera, Action!

Explore New York City’s movie, television, and theater offerings. You will see a Broadway show, attend a theater workshop, go on tours that take you to locations where movies and TV shows were filmed, tour NBC Studios, and much more!

nyc broadway 2New York City-Broadway Lights and Neon Nights

This trip will transport you to the Broadway stage. You will view theater productions and get to take part in singing, dancing, and acting at a Broadway workshop. Also you will see the best of New York at night.